"Jan and Pip - I love your website. It looks like you two are doing it right. Great Job. I really appreciate the nice comments you have for The Fused Glass Handbook. It makes my heart warm. Happy fusing!" - Gil Reynolds, Author of The Fused Glass Handbook

"Dear Pip: Unbelievable!  The trivets have arrived.  And you were right.  They look sensational! ... I repeat:  You are a wonderful, charismatic teacher.  Thanks!" - M. Fox

"Dear Pip: That was a REALLY informative (and fun!) workshop Thursday morning.  It was so very generous of you to share your time and energy and enthusiasm with us.  I stayed up late that night … playing with glass, of course!" – G. Coppock

"Thanks, Pip, for the great class on Saturday. I learned a lot even though I'd taken classes before and have been 'practicing' for a while. I read over your Tip of the Month column and it was great to see how to price my pendants, since I'd been wondering about that. Looking forward to the jewelry classes in March." - C.A. Alloway, Toronto, Canada

"Hi Pip: I would like to thank you for the wonderful class. It was an extreme pleasure to have you for a teacher. I especially appreciate your emphasis on safety, as I have not always been cognizant of the dust and have a few problems with my breathing. May you always be blessed by my God, Jehovah. Smiles," - Ellain Lawrence

"Hi Pip! Sure enjoyed your class. Thought I knew it all. Learned sooooo much. Thanks again. You're a great instructor!" - John Sherburne

"Thank you so much Pip for your wonderful teaching skills. Your patience was so impotant. I wish the class would continue for months. I admire your artistic skills I hope that I can follow in your footsteps. Your karma will be in my kiln ... I hope that you will have an advanced course soon. THANKS again" - T. Wooster

Thanks, Pip. As always, your razor-sharp mind cut through the morass of my confused question and delivered a concise, sensible answer. Phew!!!! I am so glad you're out there :) - M. Sterling

"First I want to thank you for a perfectly WONDERFUL class. I learned so much from you that I just can not thank you enough for you informative and in depth way of teaching. You taught me things that were not even on the schedule, like that I was firing too high! My previous instructor had me firing to 1525 F for full fusing. She gave me NO insight into what glass did during the firing process and no clue as to the idea that I should WATCH the glass to get my cues. Your in-class demonstration gave me permission to mess up some glass while I observe! Thanks for that great freedom. Thanks also for the pictures of my tiles. Your teaching methods and customer service are well beyond what is expected!" - C. Henry

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