"Jan and Pip - I love your website. It looks like you two are doing it right. Great Job. I really appreciate the nice comments you have for The Fused Glass Handbook. It makes my heart warm. Happy fusing!" - Gil Reynolds, Author of The Fused Glass Handbook

"Thank you so much for your wonderful products. I am having so much fun with them. I had purchased drill bits from you a while ago and I must say that I am drilling like a pro now."  - M. Schnell

"Hi Gals! I thank you for your WONDERFUL tips, great service, the quality products you offer, and your enthusiasm & passion for the art of glass. Thanks for all you do, Peg" – ebay ID weneeedit

"I just wanted to tell you that I set up my kiln finally a week ago and everything is great!  I know I bought the right one for me so thank you again for all of your help!  My first couple of firings turned out great and the only problem is I am more addicted now than ever!  But as always my real job gets in the way! Best regards!" - J. Evon, Alabama

Thanks to the Two Lasses!  The tip page on pricing is very informative and helpful.  Tonight I made my first big sale utilizing the pricing methodology.  And all the pieces crafted using the Two Lasses dragonfly and flora dichro glass sold quickly.  Couldn’t have done it without educating myself on your site. Thanks for putting that info out there and being open to sharing the knowledge.  – R. Piar

"Thanks again for such good service in getting that kiln here so quickly! Less than a week from time of order to deliver, that is outstanding customer service!" - P. Maraccini, Michigan

I am looking forward to receiving my kiln.  This will be my second Jen-Ken Kiln.  I love my first, but it is smaller and I need more room now for the items I am making.  I have always had wonderful service from Two Lasses and you had by far the best price on kilns so I thank you very much and look forward to doing more business with you. I also want to let you know how much I enjoyed using your updated web site -- very nice!  -  Sincerely, K.  Mathias

"Whoopee!! I am so excited! Thank you SO much for your attention to detail (since I ordered the wrong kiln). I know that I can absolutely COUNT on you!" - S. Ryan, Oregon

… and thank YOU for working with me!  Other people on Lampwork Ect., and Wet Canvas have given you kudos; I've read several.  Plus, not many people selling kilns have them on hand, I'll be sure to tell people that in my posts!  Again, congrats on your feedback and your customer service is AWESOME! I couldn't be more pleased with this transaction. Hope I can swing some more sales for you. There are a lot of people looking for kilns right now. Many thanks Pip.  – H. Shure

"My glass arrived today! It's so much more beautiful than the pictures! I'm so excited to start using it! You have the best quality! Thank you again so much!" - D. Hup, Florida

The reason I bought my kiln from you guys was because of all the nice/positive comments I had read on Lampwork etc. and other forums.  You guys have a ton of happy customers! - R. Shockley

"I just wanted to say Thank You for all the great stuff I purchased from you on E-Bay and at your web site store. You don't know how much I appreciate all the Tips you have on your site. We don't have any Glass resources around here unless you go 350 miles to Dallas/ Ft Worth, so I get a lot of my questions answered on your web site. Just wanted you to know that I really appreciate it. Thanks Again," - M. J. Davis, Texas

"You have great customer service and I appreciate the care you take in making this a big part of your business." - T. Wiltsee, New Jersey

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