Pip Cossette and Jan Small met for the first time in 2003 and soon became best friends and business partners.  After several iced teas (none of which had “Long Island” in it) these two gals devised a business plan to share their mutual passion for glass fusing with the masses, and settled on the business name; “Two Lasses Glass Classes” (perhaps they did have one too many iced teas after all!).

Pip and Jan’s partnership is very collaborative and yet each Lass brings her own unique style to the business.  When teaching they encourage students to experiment and develop their own individual approach to kiln forming without feeling overly constrained by conventional wisdom.  “Building a factual knowledge base is essential”, says Pip, “but once you know the rules of the game, you’ll know how to break them successfully.” “We’re here to educate but we love to entertain too!” adds Jan, who is well known for her zany sense of humor.

When deciding what products to carry, their philosophy is simple; they carry the very best in glass kilns.  “Our kilns have to survive the Lass stress test” says Pip, “because we’re relying on them to perform consistently in both our studios and in our classroom!”  This is the reason why the two Lasses are proud, authorized representatives for Jen-Ken kilns.

The Lasses also believe in good old-fashioned customer service and support, answering e-mails promptly, and providing advice and assistance wherever it’s needed.  With over TWELVE years in business, the Two Lasses have garnered a loyal fan base with both students and customers alike and have also received recognition from their peers which they both find very gratifying.

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Pippa Cossette

Jan Small

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Two Lasses Glass Classes is proud to have been chosen by Sarasota Magazine as one of the 10 best creative art classes in Sarasota!

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