HOT PINK Glass Snapping Pliers for very small cuts

For those of you who would like to add a little splash of color to your studio, we have new, Hot Pink Snapping Pliers just for you! These glass snapping pliers are, as you can probably tell, identical to the black snapping pliers listed above. The Two Lasses use these pliers in their popular glass classes to break small squares and slim strips of glass as thin as 1/8 inch (please note that the thinnest cuts are based on 1.5 - 1.6mm thick glass without any texture)! Making dichroic fused glass jewelry with tiny, perfectly cut pieces of glass will elevate your creations to the level of designer ART and these pliers are just the tool to assist you! As an added bonus, the Two Lasses have added one important after-market enhancement that will increase the efficiency and value of this wonderful tool.


Fuseworks Lightweight Running Pliers

These professional running pliers are yet another favorite of the Two Lasses and for those who suffer with arthritis or other grip and/or hand strength issues, we know you too will appreciate these lightweight pliers! Running a score is a SNAP with these featherweight pliers that have the strength to get the job done without tiring your hand. These pliers come with a lifetime guarantee and are also packaged with a set of replacement tip inserts.