Safety Glasses with IR-3 Rating

These comfortable, light weight, durable polycarbonate safety glasses offer protection against moderate impact hazards while also protecting your eyes against the harmful infrared radiation associated with kiln-worked or warm glass work. They are fully adjustable (the arms on the frame can be shortened or lengthened) and are ANSI rated IR-3. These glasses are not made for wearing over other prescription eyewear.


Protective Safety Sleeves (Pair)

These wonderfully SOFT, but THICK sleeves (set of 2) offer exceptional protection for the warm glass artist and are made from extra heavy-weight terry cloth.

Measuring a full 21 inches from the wrist these sleeves (sold in PAIRS) offer additional protection from cuts or burns while working in the glass art studio and remain comfortably in place with the secure elastic weave cuffs at both the wrist and upper arm. A HUGE plus when you are venting a hot kiln, these sleeves provide added protection from the heat.  When used in the glass shop, you can shield your arms from those little glass shards and the resulting cuts and scratches that occur when working on any glass cutting project.


Kiln Gloves

These welder's-grade kiln gloves offer exceptional protection for the warm glass artist and are made from premium select side leather. Stitched with Kevlar thread, these Red Ram kiln gloves also offer 100% cotton sock lining, in-sewn at all fingertips, fully welted seams for durability, and wing-thumb construction for added dexterity when working with a hot kiln. The gauntlet length (a full 13 inches from cuff to index finger tip) offers additional protection for the forearm.