CUSTOM ORDER Your Art Work, Images, Photos or Text on Image Transfer Paper & Fuse!

Send us your photos, images and/or text in Microsoft Word or .pdf format (Adobe), and we'll put them onto our special image transfer paper and send it back to you so that you can fuse them permanently onto your fused glass art!

As you can see from the item photo, we have set forth an example of what you can do with just ONE sheet of 8.5" x 11" paper. We managed to fit SIXTEEN, 2 inch square images on our page!! YOU will decide on the size of the photos, images or text that you want, as only YOU know how you will be using the images we will transfer onto the specialized paper that you will then use to FUSE onto your glass.

When we return your completed fusing transfer page to you, we will include COMPLETE, step by step instructions on how you will transfer each of your images onto your glass project(s). You WILL need a proper kiln (as opposed to an annealer) for this process as you will be firing the images to between 1250 and 1300F. Because this special transfer paper has no C.O.E. of its own you can affix your images, photos or text to ANY type of glass (window, bottle, stained or fusible)!! The images will fire to a sepia tone (brownish shade) as seen in the photo of the completed anniversary plate. You CAN colorize your images by using glass paints AFTER you have heat-sealed the images. What an amazing way to really personalize your glass art!!

We STRONGLY recommend that before you transmit your photos, images and/or text document to us, that you PRINT the page first, to ensure that your material FITS on the page, and that you are HAPPY with the results in terms of the SIZE of each image, photo or text, as you will be receiving an IDENTICAL copy of your page (on the special transfer paper) in return.

Tips: If you are making pendant pieces, then you probably want your images to be about an inch square or, if the pendant if you are planning is narrow and long, then 1/2"W x 2"L. On the other hand, if you are making a special trivet or dish to commemorate an anniversary (see photo), then you will no doubt want your image(s) to be much larger.

Once you print out your page, review the sizes of each image, photo or text to be sure that you are happy with the size when you consider how you will be using it on your glass!

Be sure to choose photos and images that have good, sharp contrast as you will be sending us your document in BLACK AND WHITE! Hazy images with poor definition do not make good transfers!

When choosing text, look for a nice "clean", easy-to-read, font with fairly strong lines so that it will be easy to read, and YOU will be happy with the results!

Please do NOT send any art work, images, photos or text that is copy write or is the property of another artist!

Please note, we do NOT keep your art work, so if you like the way you have set up your page and think you may want to use it again (or even a portion of it), be SURE to save it on YOUR computer!


Photo Fusing Paper

The special photo fusing paper allows you to transfer your favorite images onto your glass for fusing. You will receive a zip-locked packet of TEN, 8.5 x 11 inch sheets of this specialized paper. Comprehensive instructions along with FAQ's, a suggested printer list (see also below) and troubleshooting tips ARE included with the paper!

Helpful Tips for Buying Printers That Work For Transferring Images to Glass:

Use ONLY Black and White LASER printers. If the machine is CAPABLE of printing in color, the process will NOT work.

600 x 600 dpi (dots per inch) is the MINIMUM resolution required for decent photograph reproduction; 1200 x 1200 dpi is better.

Images will start out as black and white BEFORE firing, but shift to a sepia tone after fusing. The book explains three different options for colorizing your images or photographs.

Recommended Models:

HP LaserJet 1018,

HP LaserJet P1005,

HP LaserJet P1006,

HP LaserJet 1020,

HP LaserJet P1505,

HP LaserJet 1022,

HP LaserJet P2015,

HP LaserJet M1522n,

HP LaserJet 3052,

HP LaserJet M2727nf,

HP LaserJet 3055 and

OLDER HP Laser Printers (Black and white ONLY)!

NOTE: HP Laser Jet printers (NOT multifunction) require a computer hook-up, graphics software and a scanner to copy and manipulate NON-digital snapshots

HP Multifuction (MPF) devices can perform as standalone flatbed photocopiers as well as a computer connected scanner and printer.