Glass Fusing For Technical Excellence (DVD)

If you just don't have the time (or the money) to invest in a full length glass fusing course taught by an expert in the field, then this DVD was created just for YOU!

Fusing For Technical Excellence: The Art and Science of Fusing Glass by renowned glass artist, Alan Toy, is a TWO HOUR and 45 minute course that was specifically created just for beginners without ANY background in glass fusing.

After having PERSONALLY studied with Alan Toy several years ago, we can assure you that you are receiving a comprehensive and carefully planned instruction in the art of kiln formed glass (a.k.a. glass fusing) by a talented, creative artist and teacher with nearly FORTY years of experience in glass. And, because you have this fabulous course on DVD, you can return to it again and again, at YOUR convenience!

This DOUBLE-SIDED DVD contains the following material:

SIDE ONE: Welcome, Safety, Cold vs. Hot vs. Warm Glass, Fusing For Technical Excellence, What is a Kiln? What is Glass? COE Compatibility and Testing, The Heating and Cooling Cycle, The Glass Phases, Thermal Shock, 1000 Degree Milestone, Devitrification, Tack Fusing, Visually Determining When Your Work Is Complete, When To Flash Cool, Annealing, Completing the Cycle, Flatwork, The First Fire, Intro. To Dichroic Glass, Your First Piece of Jewelry, Making Jewels, More On Jewelry Making, Acid Etching, Painting on Glass, Snail Trails and Grinder Marks, The Quarter Inch Rule, and Using Window Glass.

SIDE TWO: Using Molds, Slumping Glass - Mold Preparation, Keeping Slumps Even, Slumping Larger Platters, Making Your Own Molds, Using Drop Ring Molds - Sagging, Iridized Glass and Edge Ove,r Wrapping Up, Experimenting using a Fusing Log, Critiquing Your Work, and Conclusion.

EXTRAS Kiln Wash, Finishing Your Jewelry - Bails vs. Wires, Wire Wrapping Using a Router Bit, Programming a Computer Controlled Kiln, Basic Kiln Maintenance, Glass Cutting, Cutting Circles, Drilling Holes, and More On Bubble Control.


Beginning Fritography: A Palette of Prisms (DVD)

Beginning Fritography: A Palette of Prisms by renowned glass artist, Michael Dupille, provides a step by step course in creating fabulous imagery with glass frit. Mr. Dupille is best known as a pioneer in the technique of "fritography"; the use of crushed glass frits and powders to create either photo-realism or more loose, impressionistic pictures in kiln-fired glass. In this 90 minute DVD, Michael will walk you through this exciting kiln-formed glass technique with both diligence and humor.

Learn how to create amazing "painted" glass images with frit by watching this step-by-step virtual workshop. Learn Michael's expert tips and techniques while creating your own fused glass portrait. This full length video workshop covers EVERYTHING from tools and equipment to firing schedules for incredible, life-like imagery. A copy of a portrait pattern is included with the DVD so you can follow along.